Adapting to Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

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Explore proactive cybersecurity strategies with MSPs. Learn best practices for threat detection, incident response, and client education. Gain insights on emerging threats and effective security technologies. Discover strategies for risk mitigation and selling security products confidently.


Roundtable Chair

Ian Luckett

MSP Growth Expert & Co Owner

The MSP Growth Hub

Ian Luckett is a Business Growth Consultant who specialises in helping business owners in the IT & MSP space.  His purpose is to help others out, be that in business or in their personal lives, and he has always had a passion for personal development that has spread over the years into the business world. Aged 27, he discovered his love for leadership, managing and building a team of 65 people in what is now the Virgin Media Network in the South East.  In 2016 he founded Innovate to Success with one mission – to help others in business experience the success he’d had over his 20-year career in senior positions. In 2022 The MSP Growth Hub was born, designed to help give MSP business owners the clarity and confidence to harness the ambition of their business that may have felt out of reach, and help them build a business that truly works for them, rather than them for it.

Paul Croker

Head of Operations


Speaker biography will be available soon.

Mostyn Thomas

Senior Director of Security EMEA


Mostyn Thomas is a cybersecurity expert and Senior Director of Security at Pax8 EMEA, where he leads security operations and delivers impactful cybersecurity training for partners. With over two decades of experience leading a MSP, Mostyn's expertise enhances partner security, mitigates risks, and fosters growth. His commitment to cybersecurity education has a profound impact within the tech community. As a qualified Cyber Essentials assessor, he holds security qualifications from CompTIA, the British Computer Society, and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Mark Taylor

Founder & CTO


Mark is the CTO and founder at Chorus, an MSSP now with over 100 employees providing deep levels of Microsoft expertise in Cyber, Cloud and Dynamics. With many years experience of the challenges that many small and medium sized businesses face, Mark enjoys the opportunity to work with others to improve all things Cyber and IT for both partners and customers.

Neil Smith

Managing Director


Neil has over 26 years experience in the IT industry - 24 of them running his own IT company. He started working out of a bedroom on his own and now owns and is Manging Director of a thriving MSP business based in Cheltenham called ReformIT with a growing team of 20+ staff. As a Managed IT Service Provider, providing an out-sourced IT department to small and medium sized businesses, security is at the heart of everything ReformIT does and the company has been certified as an NCSC Assured Service Provider and Cyber Essentials Certification Body as well as becoming an NCSC accredited Cyber Advisor for Cyber Essentials. ReformIT has qualified engineers experienced in both Apple and Microsoft technologies and it specialises in Microsoft 365 solutions on all platforms. Neil is focussed on growing the business while helping support the wider MSP community.


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MSP Growth Hub

The MSP Growth Hub is the brainchild of two of the UK’s Leading MSP Growth Experts, Stuart Warwick and Ian Luckett. Our core purpose is to arm ambitious MSPs to scale with confidence and certainty, securing the professional and personal freedom they crave. We work with MSP’s anywhere from £250k up to £5.0m t/o and help them to confidently scale to £1million in revenue or if already there, get to £5million faster!


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Other Upcoming Roundtables

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30th Jul 2024

Explore AI-driven automation's potential in MSP operations. Learn practical applications, from routine tasks to advanced analytics. Discuss implementation challenges, ROI considerations, and strategies to enhance service quality and scalability. Discover how AI boosts automation safely.

Embracing Sustainability in the Channel

15th Aug 2024

Explore eco-friendly practices in MSP operations. Learn strategies for sustainability, from reducing carbon footprints to embracing green technologies. Discuss the business case, implementation steps, and market opportunities.

Data Centre Design - Building Sustainable, AI-Ready Infrastructure

29th Aug 2024

This roundtable will focus on the intersection of sustainability and advanced technology; the discussion will delve into designing data centres that are both environmentally friendly and capable of supporting AI workloads. Topics will include energy-efficient architectures, cooling solutions, modular designs, and the integration of AI for predictive maintenance and operational optimization. Data centre operators will benefit from understanding how to future-proof their facilities while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring they can support the next generation of technology with reduced carbon footprints. <strong>Importance: Understanding how to integrate and support new technologies ensures that data centres remain competitive and capable of meeting future demands.</strong>

Investing in Skills, Training, Talent, and Culture for Business Growth

17th Sep 2024

Explore MSP success through skilled workforce and positive culture. Learn investing in skills, training, talent, and culture for growth. Share best practices for recruitment, retention, and inclusive leadership.

Revolutionising Data Centre Power Management: Innovations and Best Practices

10th Oct 2024

This roundtable will focus on the latest advancements in data centre power management and the role of innovative technologies in enhancing energy efficiency and reliability. Topics will include modular power systems, smart grid integration, real-time power monitoring, and the impact of renewable energy sources on data centre operations. Huawei, as a leader in data centre power innovation, will provide insights into cutting-edge solutions and case studies demonstrating how these innovations can reduce energy costs, improve uptime, and support sustainable operations. <strong>Importance: Improving energy efficiency reduces operational costs and environmental impact, aligning data centre operations with sustainability goals and regulatory standards.</strong>

Strategies for Building, Selling, and Profiting in MSP Businesses

26th Nov 2024

Discover actionable insights on maximizing the value of your MSP business. Explore tactics for scalability, strategic positioning, and profitability enhancement, empowering sustainable growth and potential for future sale.

Optimising Data Centres: The Future of Hybrid Cooling Solutions

05th Dec 2024

This roundtable will delve into the latest advancements in hybrid cooling technologies, combining traditional air cooling with innovative liquid cooling systems. Attendees will explore the benefits of hybrid cooling, such as enhanced energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved environmental sustainability. Industry experts will share case studies, best practices, and implementation strategies, offering a comprehensive understanding of how hybrid cooling can optimize data centre performance. Join us to network with peers, discuss emerging trends, and gain actionable insights to future-proof your data centre infrastructure. <strong>Importance: Understanding how hybrid cooling systems can significantly enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs, while simultaneously supporting sustainability goals.</strong>

Alternative Energy Resources - On What Can Data Centres Rely?

22nd Jan 2025

This roundtable will address the growing need for data centres to adopt alternative energy sources to ensure sustainability and energy security. Participants will explore various renewable energy options, such as solar, wind, and hydro, as well as innovations in energy storage and grid independence. The roundtable will provide insights into the benefits, challenges, and implementation strategies of these alternatives. Data centre managers will learn how to reduce dependency on traditional energy sources, lower operating costs, and enhance their green credentials, making this an essential session for forward-thinking operators. <strong>Importance: Learn how to effectively integrate these alternative energy solutions to reduce carbon footprints, lower energy costs, and enhance operational resilience, positioning their data centres at the forefront of environmental stewardship and technological innovation.</strong>

Data Centre Location - A Mission Critical Decision?

05th Mar 2025

This roundtable will explore the strategic importance of selecting the right location for data centres. Discussions will cover factors such as geographic stability, connectivity, energy availability, regulatory compliance, and proximity to end-users. Data centre managers will gain insights into how location impacts operational efficiency, disaster recovery capabilities, and overall service reliability. Attendees will learn best practices for site selection to ensure their data centres can meet current and future demands, making this a crucial topic for anyone involved in data centre planning and operations. <strong>Importance: The roundtable will explore the strategic importance of selecting the right location for data centres, emphasizing how geographical factors such as climate, energy availability, and connectivity can significantly impact operational efficiency and sustainability.</strong>

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