Global Technical Realty announces GB One milestone

Global Technical Realty (GTR), a $1bn European build-to-suit data center platform – has announced the successful handover of Phase 2 of its leading-edge GB One campus, delivering an additional 13.5MW of power to its client on schedule. Phase 3 remains on track for completion later in 2024, with the entire 40.5MW campus being delivered by year end – ahead of original expectations.

  • Thursday, 4th July 2024 Posted 1 week ago in by Phil Alsop

A critical component in the delivery of Phase 2 was a comprehensive series of integrated systems testing. This included successfully completing the complex crane lift of the Phase 3 generators, which marked the final element of the major capital equipment delivery. To date, the GTR team has now overseen the design, selection, procurement, testing, and delivery of over 500 major plant items, testament to their extensive project management capabilities.

Completion of this phase also coincides with a remarkable safety record from GTR. The team has achieved 1 million site hours with zero lost time incidents, an accomplishment that underscores the robust safety culture at the company. GTR’s safety record continues to be of critical importance to the company and is fostered through the engagement and training of operatives, supervisors, and management at all levels, with regular workshops and project initiatives run alongside to reinforce training and ensure understanding.

“The GTR team has navigated various challenges with confidence and professionalism throughout the delivery process, with an unwavering commitment to building collaborative relationships, promoting transparency, and resolving issues collectively. This approach has been key to overcoming obstacles and achieving project goals,” said Franek Sodzawiczny, Founder and CEO at Global Technical Realty. “We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence, as we now focus on the final phase of this significant project.”

Located in Slough, London’s premier data center hub, the three independent facilities are capable of operating individually or as a single interlinked campus. Each building provides 5373 sq m of net technical space. All power is sourced from providers with 100% renewable energy using natural resources ensuring carbon free facilities from day one. The campus is also BREEAM certified, with ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.