Allied Telesis: Neue Netzwerkkarte (NIC) verbessert Secure-Client- und VoIP-Integration für den Edge-Bereich 
  • Posted on 7th March 2013 in by Phil Alsop

Endgeräte mit Kupferleitungen können dank der neuen Lösung über Glasfasernetze kommunizieren

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EMC erweitert sein Flash-Portfolio um neue leistungsfähige Lösungen
  • Posted on 7th March 2013 in by Phil Alsop

EMC kündigte heute mit der EMC Xtrem Linie eine auf Flash-Technologien basierende Produktlinie von Server- und Speicherprodukten an. Mit XtremSF erweitert EMC das Angebot an PCIe Flash-Lösungen, die die Performance von Anwendungen, Software und Arrays entscheidend verbessern. Die XtremSF...

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Pivotal HD – EMC stellt die weltweit leistungsstärkste Hadoop Distribution vor
  • Posted on 7th March 2013 in by Phil Alsop

EMC stellt mit Pivotal HD eine hochperformante Big-Data-Analyseplattform unter Open-Source-Lizenz vor. Die Leistungsfähigkeit dieser Apache-Hadoop-Distribution beruht auf der nativen Integration von EMCs branchenführender Greenplum Massively-Parallel-Processing-(MPP)-Datenbank und der...

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Rackspace launches OpenCenter
  • Posted on 6th March 2013 in by Phil Alsop

Rackspace® Hosting has announced major new features in its free and open source Rackspace Private Cloud Software, powered by OpenStack and supported by its own Fanatical Support services. Key among the new functionality in this release is OpenCenter™, a single interface for deploying,...

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Full spectrum solid state

In recent years, the solid state storage market is perhaps the most contested market. NAND flash...

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BYOD and photos of my cat

By Alex McDonald, SNIA’s Cloud Storage Initiative Chair, NetApp.

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Introducing the Information Infrastructure Conference, London

Angel Business Communications along with its long-term partner SNIA Europe have announced...

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Business outcomes - driving big data & analytics

At this year’s Powering the Cloud events: SNW Europe, Datacenter Technologies &...

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The case for Scale Out Storage

Scale-out is a new category of storage architecture that challenges the limitations associated with...

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Accelerating the cloud with flash

The rapid increase in processor performance and the deployment of highly virtualized datacentres...

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Cloud storage: A rosy future – once the thorns are removed

Cloud storage is starting to become accepted as a normal part of an enterprise IT architecture,...

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Zeki Turedi, Field CTO Europe, Crowdstrike, discusses the findings of the 2024 Crowdstrike Global Threat Report, with the big increase in attack velocity perhaps the most significant trend. Zeki also covers...
David Williams, Acting Managing Director EMEA, Telstra International, and Kwee Chuan Yeo, Senior Editor, Asia, MIT Technology Review Insights, discuss the findings of a recent MITTR study focusing on AI. It...
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DCS talks to Durata at Data Centre World 2024

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