Fivetran enables Deliveroo to turn food delivery into a data-driven enterprise

Fivetran serves up accelerated insights, efficiency and savings.

  • Friday, 9th February 2024 Posted 3 weeks ago in by Phil Alsop

Fivetran has enabled Deliveroo to automate the movement of data within its organisation, improving engineering efficiency and delivering significant cost savings. By leveraging Fivetran’s automated data integration platform, Deliveroo has been able to centralise data from multiple HR, finance, marketing and productivity tools, speeding up decision making while also freeing up time for its team of engineers to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Deliveroo’s operating model consists of three key groups: restaurant or retail partners, riders, as well as 7.4 million consumers. Providing a great digital experience to each of these groups is critical for success. Across the business, Deliveroo needs to make decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data, which is stored in Snowflake and analysed in Looker, its primary business intelligence (BI) tool. However, internally built lines of supply were limiting the value Deliveroo gained from its data, while engineers were increasingly frustrated by handling a laborious data-ingestion process.

Deliveroo selected Fivetran for its robust, reliable solution with a multitude of connectors, which could support its current and future needs. The ease of use offered by Fivetran has also saved Deliveroo’s team of engineers approximately 100 hours of time each week, freeing up time to spend on business-critical responsibilities such as optimising platform uptime and availability.

With Fivetran providing a quick and reliable flow of data into Snowflake – and then onwards into a range of employee-facing applications – decision-making processes within key functions at Deliveroo have been accelerated. For example, Fivetran now handles the flow of data from AppsFlyer, which tracks the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other critical initiatives, giving Deliveroo fast and accurate insights into its marketing performance.

Fivetran is also integrating data from Deliveroo’s HR systems, improving processes and reliability for staff, and from productivity tools, facilitating the management of critical software development. The Fivetran platform also plays a key role in the efficient and accurate supply of data from Deliveroo’s financial platform, along with other SaaS platforms that are increasingly integral as the company looks to streamline and consolidate its operating environment.

“One thing we appreciate about Fivetran is that engineers who aren’t necessarily specialists have been able to onboard the solution, create connectors, and get data flowing incredibly quickly. It lowers the barrier to entry for business intelligence and allows us to do a wider range of things in a slicker and more automated way,” said James Flaxman, Engineering Manager, Analytics Platforms, Deliveroo. “We estimate that, without Fivetran, the team would need to spend around 100 extra hours per week to do what it does now. By empowering us to work more quickly and effectively, Fivetran pays for itself.”

“Deliveroo is a true digital pioneer, so it is an incredible endorsement of Fivetran to be selected to automate the flow of data within its organisation,” said Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran. “What sets Deliveroo apart is that it is always striving to innovate. This desire for constant improvement places data – and data analytics – at the heart of its operations. We are thrilled to be playing a part in Deliveroo’s journey to become a truly data-driven enterprise.”

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