Spectra Logic and Geyser Data partner

Strategic partnership delivers easy-to-consume, highly cost-effective tape-based solution to archive data at scale without the need for special skills, large capital investments or on-premises infrastructure.

  • Tuesday, 14th May 2024 Posted 1 week ago in by Phil Alsop

Spectra Logic and Geyser Data, an innovative provider of sustainable cloud archive solutions, have formed a strategic partnership to jointly create and deliver the industry’s first tape- as-a-service (TaaS) offering. TaaS is a modern data storage category that utilizes magnetic tape technology in a cloud-based, as-a-service model, combining the benefits of traditional tape storage, such as high durability and low cost, with the convenience and flexibility of cloud services.

The newly minted offering, to be known as Tape Archive Platform As-a-Service (TAPAS), will leverage the Spectra CubeTM cloud-optimized tape library, Spectra Certified LTO-9 media and Spectra BlackPearl® S3- compatible object storage to create an object-based tape infrastructure that is fully compatible with any Amazon S3 or S3 Glacier application.

Geyser Data TaaS software will enable the provisioning, management, monitoring, billing and instantiation of the TAPAS offering. Service sales and delivery will be available through a global network of VARs, MSPs and data center providers.

TAPAS delivers the enterprise-class security, reliability and sustainability benefits of tape storage in a subscription-based model that can be instantly provisioned, is scalable on demand and requires no specialized knowledge or skills to use. The unique TAPAS architecture also provides significant advantages compared to public cloud storage services:

Data retrieval is fast and free. TAPAS data can be retrieved in seconds to minutes, not hours to days. There are no access charges or egress fees associated with the retrieval or removal of data. For an optional fee, tape cartridges may be delivered to the user if ever desired.

Data integration is simple and seamless. TAPAS can copy data to all major clouds, enabling cold data to be easily leveraged by AI, analytics or other applications.

Data security is enhanced. TAPAS uses dedicated tapes, physically segregating individual customer data and enabling true air-gapped isolation, significantly reducing exposure to cyber threats like ransomware. Tapes are stored in secure data center facilities with users retaining full control of data encryption keys and setting of access permissions, significantly reducing the likelihood of a data breach, even in the event of unauthorized physical access.

Data residency is user-determined. Users designate the physical locality of their data, avoiding unanticipated data residency, localization or sovereignty issues that can arise when using public cloud storage services.

Data longevity is extended. A conservative estimate of current-generation tape media life is 30 years, with five future tape generations defined on published roadmaps.

Data stored on tape is greener. Tape storage emits 97% less CO2 than hard disk drive-based storage while consuming 87% less power and generating 85% less e-waste.

TAPAS customers will pay for consumption on a per-tape basis. Expected pricing is $27 (USD) per month for each 18-terabyte LTO-9 tape cartridge used, or approximately $1.50/TB.

“In today’s fast moving technology landscape, storage providers have to innovate to be relevant, including creating entirely new solution categories that can benefit users,” said Simon Robinson, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure, Enterprise Strategy Group. “The concept of tape-as-a-service is undeniably compelling, and this new offering from Geyser Data and Spectra Logic has the potential to bring the well-understood benefits of tape to many more organizations by making it easy to consume in a cloud services model.”

“The integration of traditional tape technology into the modern cloud services paradigm creates a new class of solution that is flexible enough to meet evolving storage demands, yet economically and environmentally sustainable,” said Nelson Nahum, co-founder and chief executive officer, Geyser Data. “Spectra Logic is the ideal technology partner to help Geyser Data fulfill our mission to deliver secure, durable, sustainable and cost-effective data archiving in the cloud.”

“With the ever-rising volume of backup and archive data being stored in the cloud, there is a clear need for greater security, better performance and lower cost,” said Nathan Thompson, chief executive officer, Spectra Logic. “Our partnership with Geyser Data is leading the way in delivering the traditional benefits of tape in a modern, easy-to-consume service that is more cost-effective than typical cold storage services in the cloud.” 

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