AI tools see recorded develop uptake

Over 40% of OutSystems developers use AI to guide them through the software development life cycle.

  • Tuesday, 14th May 2024 Posted 1 week ago in by Phil Alsop

OutSystem reports on the rising trend for AI adoption in low-code, with a 30% year-over-year increase in active users of AI for development and lifecycle management.

The company’s AI Mentor System – a set of machine learning-powered expert assistants that guide developers through the software development life cycle – is now used by over 40% of OutSystem developers on a monthly basis for AI-powered suggestions. The system also automates repetitive tasks, eliminates tedious work, and validates applications before they go into production to ensure they are built and maintained to the highest possible quality standards. In just one year, the OutSystems AI Mentor System automatically detected 10 million code issues and provided AI-powered suggestions to developers, enabling them to avoid potential pitfalls and improve app quality.

“The overwhelming adoption of AI among our community and clients underscores the significant positive impact it has on enhancing agility, productivity, and the overall development process, reinforcing the value of leveraging data-centric approaches in modern application development,” said Paulo Rosado, co-founder and CEO at OutSystems. “OutSystems is committed to continuously improving its AI-powered platform to help development teams move faster, respond quickly, and reduce risk.”

"In just 14 weeks, with a team of only two developers, Capability for Change leveraged OutSystems to launch a game-changing, generative AI-powered learning management system,” said Melanie Franklin, founder, and CEO of Capability for Change. “This revolutionary solution not only transformed the user experience, but also garnered significant attention, bringing in five new high-profile clients within just one month of its launch."

OutSystems brings together the power of generative AI innovation and the efficiency of low-code development in a platform to accelerate digital transformation. The company recently launched AI Agent Builder, enabling organisations to integrate GenAI agents into their apps to achieve similar results, not only in customer service but also across various lines of business functions, garnering 100 installations in the first month of its launch. OutSystems also launched a new GenAI-powered customer support tool within the OutSystems Support Portal that taps into the power of the Large Language Models (LLM) to improve its customer experience, reduce operational costs, and drive continuous improvement through data-driven insights.

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