Nscale launches its sustainable high-performance GPU cloud

Collaborates with AMD, to radically transform the market for accelerated computing.

  • Thursday, 2nd May 2024 Posted 2 weeks ago in by Phil Alsop

Today marks the official launch of Nscale as one of the world’s first AMD technology-focused cloud service providers. Nscale is a vertically integrated GPU cloud spun out from Arkon Energy, a 300MW Data Centre and Hosting business in North America.

Strategically located in Northern Norway, Nscale’s N1 Glomfjord site benefits from some of the lowest-cost renewable energy in the world, therefore making the N1 Glomfjord site one of the most cost-efficient LLM and AI training hubs in the world.

Key Features and Benefits of Nscale Cloud:

● Vertical AI cloud: Nscale owns and operates the full AI stack from its modular data centres to its high-performance compute clusters, allowing it to optimise each layer of the stack for performance and cost efficiency.

● Built for sustainability: Located in Northern Norway, Nscale is powered by 100% renewable energy and leverages natural cooling solutions to deliver sustainable GPU compute services.

● Best-in-class economics: Nscale's vertical integration and low-cost renewable power enables it to deliver one of the most affordable GPU computing solutions on the market.

● Unrivalled user experience: Purpose-built for AI, Nscale streamlines the setup, configuration, and management of cloud-based supercomputing clusters to accelerate AI R&D

“Over the coming years, AI will proliferate into every enterprise, product, and service, driving unprecedented demand for AI infrastructure. Nscale’s mission is to democratise high-performance computing to unleash the potential of AI. Our 100% renewable AI Cloud Services platform is vertically integrated from the power connection to the cloud, providing sustainable, high-performance, and low-cost compute for Enterprises, Research Institutions and AI Startups alike," said Josh Payne Co-Founder and CEO of Nscale. "By combining cutting-edge technology from AMD with Norway's abundant, low-cost energy, we are offering a next-gen AI Cloud platform that is not only powerful but also sustainable and cost-effective."

“At AMD, we believe in the transformative power of AI and are excited to work with Nscale to deliver cloud instances of the AMD Instinct™ MI300X accelerator,” said Andrew Dieckmann, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Instinct Business. “Through Nscale’s AI Cloud Services platform, the MI300X will deliver highly competitive Generative AI inferencing performance, leveraging the AMD ROCm™ open software ecosystem to enable a compelling TCO advantage to other market alternatives.”

By using the enhanced memory bandwidth and capacity of the AMD Instinct™ MI300X accelerators, and Nscale’s extensive experience working with hardware and the proven AMD ROCm™ open ecosystem, Nscale can provide customers impressive price, performance, and efficiency for the most demanding LLM and GenAI workloads.

The Nscale service is poised to attract a wide range of users, from startups to large enterprises, who are looking to leverage advanced AI, deep learning, and big data analytics but have been hindered by the high costs and environmental concerns associated with traditional GPU cloud services.

Nscale is not just a service provider but a partner in innovation. With its robust and affordable GPU solutions, it aims to accelerate the development of ground-breaking technologies and research that can lead to significant advancements in various fields.

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